Today in High Performance Computing (HPC), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications are helping to design everything from exotic boats, to everyday automobiles, and of course airplanes.  Many of us already understand that CFD uses complex mathematics and algorithms to create computer simulations, with the goal of better understanding a variety of fluid flows.  However, unless you’ve worked with CFD, there can be some mystery to how this all works.

I recently watched a video of a lecture from Dr. Margot Gerritsen from the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, which provides great insights into what’s really happening with CFD.
I found the video extremely interesting as it explains, with simple clarity, how all of the equations that govern a variety of complex fluid flow processes (from weather models, to yacht racing) can in many ways become a simple thing.
To read my blog and see the lecture, please visit The Engineer’s Notebook.

Blake T. Gonzales