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United Kingdom

Fast and furious – developing an enterprise class environment for Team Lotus

When the newly formed Team Lotus asked us to help them build a trackside environment, and an HPC solution for their headquarters, it was a great chance for us to start from the ground up and create something really tailored to the needs of modern racing.

University of Sussex HPC - Shedding Light on Dark Matter

Many sub-atomic particles – one giant step for mankind. We may have flown to the moon, but we’re still in the dark about dark matter. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is carrying out trail-blazing studies that aim to turn the standard model of physics on its head. Which super-powered technology will it help unlock the secrets of the universe?

Dell Shoots for the Stars

An overview of how the University of Portsmouth's scientists will be able to analyse the very large volumes of data needed for their research much faster than with existing systems, using its new HPC system called SCIAMA.

The Netherlands

BLOG & VIDEO: Unlocking the mysteries of the brain

A look into how the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging is using high performance computing (HPC) solutions from Dell to research & understand how the human brain functions.

HPC Video: Utrecht University

Proteomics researchers at Utrecht University talk about the Dell solution that's helping them keep data safe, secure and accessible. Their mass spectrometers determine a peptide or protein every 100 milliseconds -- producing vast amounts of data to support research into cell behaviour and diseases such as cancer. With the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, they have enormously fast backup, lower power and cooling costs, and high-speed data transfer with Intel processor technology.


Pablo de Olavide University: Saving the planet – one calculation at a time

Written by Dell's Kathy Baird, this blog highlights some of the research being conducted on the "green-house effect" and climate change around the world.