HiPC 2010HiPC is an International Conference on High Performance Computing that happens in India annually. To quote from the conference website – “it serves as a forum to present current work by researchers from around the world as well as highlight activities in Asia in the high performance computing area. The conference has a history of attracting participation from reputed researchers from all over the world”. The organization committee and program committee consists of veterans from academics, industry and national labs from North America, Europe, India, Japan, China, New Zealand and Singapore. To glimpse over some statistics per year: participants are in the range of 250-300; 30-40 peer reviewed papers from over 300 submissions are presented. The conference offers different forums for participation for industry participants and students i.e., tutorial sessions, workshops, student symposium and industry user symposium.

Dell's Dr. Reza at HiPC 2010 event HiPC 2010
Dr. Reza’s session Platform Computing's Table

Dell has sponsored this event for more than 6 years at Platinum level -- the highest level. Main motivation for us is to expose the Dell Enterprise R&D presence in India and enhance our links with academic organizations. Besides we are keen on our connections to customers and exposure to student community. Our sales and marketing teams have assisted and participated actively. In the past three years, some of our partners Platform Computing and Quantum have also been actively involved in the conference and generously co-sponsored. Dr. Reza Rooholamini (Director, Global Solutions Engineering, Enterprise Product Group, Dell) presented each year in the industry keynote or sponsor session. The Dell global HPCC engineering team has presented in workshop and industry user symposium as well as submitted a paper. Colleagues from Dell have organized or participated in industry panel discussions and interacted with the participants at the Industry booth. In summary, this conference gives us a feel for the research trends, industry adoption of the new technologies and challenges naïve or experienced HPCC end users face as well as an opportunity to share with the participants what Dell is doing to help the end users adopt HPCC.

HiPC 2010 happened at Goa, India. Please see sponsors for the list of sponsors. Keynote speakers include Richard W. Linderman (Chief Scientist, Air Force Research Lab, NY, USA), Marc Snir (Professor CS Dept, UIUC, USA), Edward H. Seidel (Director Louisiana State University’s Center for Computation and Technology). The keynote topics touched Green HPC, Software for Exascale Systems and Data & Compute Driven Transformation of Modern Science. There were seven technical sessions where accepted papers were presented. There were 3 workshops, 2 tutorials, 3 industry user symposium and one student symposium session. Please visit Program Overview for the complete listing of the sessions and topics. Exa Scale Computing, Power Efficient Systems, Green HPC, Fault Tolerance, GPGPU, CUDA are some of the topics covered during these sessions.

From Dell, Dr. Reza presented in the industry user symposium. His topic covered Dell’s methodology and framework for building HPCC solutions based on industry standard building blocks and delivering pre-integrated as well as pre-optimized bundles for computational and storage clusters. He provided examples on the work carried out by the global HPCC engineering team w.r.t simplification of deployment, application sensitivity for processor architecture (BIOS Optimization for HPC on 11G) and storage bundles i.e., Dell HPC NFS Storage Solutions (NSS) and Dell | Terascala HPC storage solution. He also went over the sizing efforts that results in the Dell HPCC Advisor that helps end users estimate the size of cluster based on their specific requirements. The presentation also covered PowerEdge C410x Overview. This session had presentations from various industry sponsors and topics ranged from GPGPU, Storage, Many-Core Computing, etc.,

At the booth the Dell team was represented by Engineering, Sales and Marketing along with colleagues from Quantum and Platform Computing, as we interacted with participants answer specific queries. The team also had a chance to interact with few other partners like nVidia, Intel, etc.

Look forward to HiPC 2011.

Ramesh Rajagopalan, Dell Global Solutions Engineering

Ramesh RajagopalanRamesh has been with Dell for more than 7 years. He has a group that is responsible for delivering high performance computing clusters, database cluster solutions and virtualization solution based on a global roadmap. He has overall 20 years of industry experience. Prior to Dell he worked at Sequent Computer Systems, Oracle Corporation and IBM in U.S.A and HCL in India. He has published technical articles, conference paper (ISPA 2004) and presented in conference workshop (HiPC 2007). His interests include clustering and performance characterization. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, (1990).