Dell EMC has announced an update to the PowerEdge C6320p modular server, introducing support for the Intel® Xeon Phi x200 processor with Intel Omni-Path™ fabric integration (KNL-F).  This update is a processor-only change, which means that changes to the PowerEdge C6320p motherboard were not required.  New purchases of the PowerEdge C6320p server can be configured with KNL or KNL-F processors.  For customers utilizing Omni-Path as a fabric, the KNL-F processor will improve cost and power efficiencies, as it eliminates the need to purchase and power discrete Omni-Path adapters.  Figure 1, below, illustrates the conceptual design differences between the KNL and KNL-F solutions.

Late last year, we introduced the Dell EMC PowerEdge C6230p Server, which delivers a high performance processor node based on the Intel Xeon Phi processor (KNL).  This exciting server delivers a compute node optimized for HPC workloads, supporting highly parallelized processes with up to 72 out-of-order cores in a compact half-width 1U package.  High-speed fabric options include InfiniBand or Omni-Path, ideal for data intensive computational applications, such as life sciences, and weather simulations.   

Figure 1: Functional design view of KNL and KNL-F Omni-Path support.

As seen in the figure, the integrated fabric option eliminates the dependency on dual x16 PCIe lanes on the motherboard and allows support for a denser configuration, with two QSFP connectors on a single carrier circuit board.   For continued support of both processors, the PowerEdge C6230p server will retain the PCIe signals to the PCIe slots.  Inserting the KNL-F processor will disable these signals, and expose a connector supporting two QSFP ports carried on an optional adapter using the same PCIe x16 slot for power.

Additional improvements to the PowerEdge C6320p server include support for 64GB LRDIMMs, bumping memory capacity to 384GB, and support for the LSI 2008 RAID controller via the PCIe x4 mezzanine slot.

Current HPC solution offers from Dell EMC

Dell EMC offers several HPC solutions optimized for customer usage and priorities.  Domain-specific HPC compute solutions from Dell EMC include the following scalable options:

  • HPC System for Life Sciences – A customizable and scalable system optimized for the needs of researchers in the biological sciences.
  • HPC System for Manufacturing – A customizable and scalable system designed and configured specifically for engineering and manufacturing solutions including design simulation, fluid dynamics, or structural analysis.
  • HPC System for Research – A highly configurable and scalable platform for supporting a broad set of HPC-related workloads and research users.

For HPC storage needs, Dell EMC offers two high performance, scalable, and robust options:

  • Dell EMC HPC Lustre Storage - This enterprise solution handles big data and high-performance computing demands with a balanced configuration — designed for parallel input/output — and no single point of failure.
  • Dell EMC HPC NFS Storage Solution – Provides high data throughput, flexible, reliable, and hassle-free storage.


The Dell EMC HPC System for Research, an ideal HPC platform for IT administrators serving diverse and expanding user demands, now supports KNL-F, with its improved cost and power efficiencies, eliminating the need to purchase and power discrete Omni-Path adapters. 

Dell EMC is the industry leader in HPC computing, and we are committed to delivering increased capabilities and performance in partnership with Intel and other technology leaders in the HPC community.   To learn more about Dell EMC HPC solutions and services, visit us online.