Innovation Award of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Practice presented to Dell China by CCF (China Computer Federation)

Dell China has been honored with an “Innovation Award of Artificial Intelligence in Technology & Practice” in recognition of Dell’s collaboration with the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) in establishing the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Joint-Lab. The advanced computing platform was jointly unveiled by Dell China and CASIA in November 2015, and the AI award was presented by the Technical Committee of High Performance Computing (TCHPC), China Computer Federation (CCF), at the China HPC 2016 conference in Xi’an City, Shanxi Province China, on October 27, 2016. About a half dozen additional awards were presented at HPC China, an annual national conference on high performance computing organized by TCHPC. However, Dell China was the only vendor to receive an award in the emerging field of artificial intelligence in HPC.

The Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Joint-Lab’s focus is on research and applications of new computing architectures in brain information processing and artificial intelligence, including cognitive function simulation, deep learning, brain computer simulation, and related new computing systems. The lab also supports innovation and development of brain science and intellect technology research, promoting Chinese innovation and breakthroughs at the forefront of science, and working to produce and industrialize these core technologies in accordance with market and industry development needs.‚Äč

CASIA, a leading AI research organization in China, has huge requirements for computing and storage, and the new advanced computing platform — designed and set up by engineers and professors from Dell and CASIA — is just the tip of the iceberg with respect to CASIA’s research requirements. It features leading Dell HPC systems components designed by the Dell USA team, including servers, storage, networking and software, as well as leading global HPC partner products, including Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU, Mellanox IB Network and Bright Computing software. The Dell China Services team implemented installation and deployment of the system, which was completed in February 2016.

The November 3, 2015, unveiling ceremony for the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Joint-Lab was held in Beijing. Marius Haas, Chief Commercial Officer and President, Enterprise Solutions of Dell; Dr. Chenhong Huang, President of Dell Greater China; and Xu Bo, Director of CASIA attended the ceremony and addressed the audience.

“As a provider of end-to-end solutions and services, Dell has been focusing on and promoting the development of frontier science and technologies, and applying the latest technologies to its solutions and services to help customers achieve business transformation and meet their ever-changing demands,” Haas said at the unveiling. “We’re glad to cooperate with CASIA in artificial intelligence, which once again shows Dell’s commitment to China’s market and will drive innovation in China’s scientific research.”

“Dell is well-positioned to provide innovative end-to-end solutions. Under the new 4.0 strategy of ‘In China, For China’, we will strengthen the cooperation with Chinese research institutes and advance the development of frontier technologies,” Huang explained. “Dell’s cooperation with CASIA represents a combination of computing and scientific research resources, which demonstrates a major trend in artificial intelligence and industrial development.”

China is a role model for emerging market development and practice sharing for other emerging countries. Partnering with CASIA and other strategic partners is Dell’s way of embracing the “Internet+” national strategy, promoting Chinese innovation and breakthroughs at the forefront of science.

“China’s strategy in innovation-driven development raises the bar for scientific research institutes. The fast development of information technologies in recent years also brings unprecedented challenges to CASIA,” added Bo. “CASIA always has intelligence technologies in mind as their main focus of strategic development. The cooperation with Dell China on the lab will further the computing advantages of the Institute of Automation, strengthen the integration between scientific research and industries, and advance artificial intelligence innovation.”

Dell China is looking forward to continued cooperation with CASIA in driving artificial intelligence across many more fields, such as meteorology, biology and medical research, transportation, and manufacturing.