Dell EMC has partnered with Scientific Computing, publisher of HPC Source, and NVIDIA to produce an exclusive high performance computing supplement that takes a look at some of today’s cool new HPC technologies, as well as some of the work being done to extend HPC capabilities and opportunities.

This special publication, “New Technologies in HPC,” highlights topics such as innovative technologies in HPC and the impact they are having on the industry, HPC trends to watch, and advancing science with AI. It also looks at how organizations are extending supercomputing with cloud, machine learning technologies for the modern data center, and getting starting with deep learning.

This digital supplement can be viewed on-screen or downloaded as a PDF.

Taking our dive into new HPC technologies a bit deeper — we also brought together technology experts Paul Teich, Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research, and Will Ramey, Senior Product Manager for GPU Computing at NVIDIA, for a live, interactive discussion with contributing editor Tim Studt: “Accelerate Your Big Data Strategy with Deep Learning.

Paul and Will share their unique perspectives on where artificial intelligence is leading the next wave of industry transformation, helping companies go from data deluge to data-hungry. They provide insights on how organizations can accelerate their big data strategies with deep learning, the fastest growing field in AI, and discuss how, by using data-driven algorithms powered by GUP accelerators, companies can get faster insights, as well as how companies can see dynamic correlations, and achieve actionable knowledge about their business.

For those who couldn't make the live broadcast, it is available for on-demand viewing.

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