By David Griggs

Ohio’s academic, science and technology communities will be getting quite a lift this year as the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), an OH-TECH Consortium member, adds a powerful new supercomputer from Dell.  The enhancement is part of a $9.7 million investment recently approved by Ohio’s State Controlling Board and stems from a $12 million appropriation included in the 2014-15 Ohio biennial capital budget.

OSC is a regional center, founded in 1987, that provides supercomputing services and expertise to local industries and university researchers. Currently, it offers computational services via three supercomputer clusters: the IBM/AMD Glenn Cluster, the HP/Intel Ruby Cluster, and the HP/Intel Oakley Cluster. The Dell supercomputer will be replacing the Glenn Cluster and part of the Oakley Cluster, adding a much-needed increase in computing power and storage, as the center is running near peak capacity.  The center’s interim director, Dr. David Hudak, Ph.D., expects that this new addition will greatly help industrial and academic clients alike, fostering new research and innovation.

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