By Christine Fronczak

It’s been a great year for our community, with the industry maturing sufficiently to push HPC firmly back into the limelight. We are seeing a large part of the market evolving beyond the traditional stereotype of HPC – that of being solely for the science and super-geeky technology audience. Big data is a prime example of the market that requires high powered computational needs for a wide range of vertical markets – from retail to manufacturing and financial services.

SC15 enabled us to bring some of the industry’s best together so we could learn all the different ways HPC is being used to better our world. From finding a cure for autism and rare childhood diseases to rooting out fraud and plagiarism, to creating clean energy, and helping third world countries develop better food and foster entrepreneurship.

We heard some very moving and intriguing use cases from the likes of General Atomics, The University of Florida, Virginia Tech, TGen, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins, as well as Oxford University among others.  These have been posted for your viewing on our YouTube Channel. We also hosted Intersect360’s Addison Snell and Dell’s own Onur Celebioglu who walked us through trends they see in the market and what to expect in the coming year. Their talks are also accessible on the SC15 YouTube playlist. InsideHPC’s Rich Brueckner joined us to moderate a panel discussion on the convergence of HPC, Big Data and Cloud, followed by a discussion on the NSCI initiative. Created by President Obama in July 2015, the National Strategic Computing Initiative has a mission to ensure the United States continues leading high performance computing over the coming decades.  Both of these panels are available on the same playlist as the others, and can also be accessed via the InsideHPC website.

We will continue to follow these stories throughout the year, as well as giving you insight into the people behind the scenes making the “magic” happen. Intersect360’s Addison Snell has said that HPC is “a critical pillar of innovation and advancement, whether you’re talking about general scientific research or throughout different industries.” In 2016 we will watch and explore the trends and foster discussion on the successes and failures of our community in order to propel the industry forward. In the meantime, we leave you with a glimpse and some insights into SC15 and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Highlights from SC15: