Three takeaways from Dell’s John Whittaker on leveraging both big data analytics and traditional database management tools today...

Delving into the results of a recent Unisphere Research survey of 300 database administrators (DBAs) and corporate data managers, Dell’s Executive Director of Information Management John Whittaker gives straight-forward advice for tackling today’s complex database environments via an Industry Perspectives article on the Data Center Knowledge site.  

While organizations and DBAs have become hyper-focused on big data, analytics, and unstructured data tools, Whittaker gives a timely reminder that structured data still matters.

Indeed, according to the Unisphere survey he references, structured data still accounts for 75 percent of the data stack at more than two-thirds of today’s enterprises. What’s more, nearly one-third of all organizations haven’t begun actively managing unstructured data at all to this point.

That means paying attention to tools like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server still needs to be a priority for DBAs, even as they try to incorporate Hadoop and NoSQL into their organizations.

But that doesn’t mean Whittaker is turning a blind eye toward these more modern technologies. On the contrary, he makes a clear case for ramping up predictive analytics to allow an organization to see not only where it’s been, but where it’s going to stay a step ahead of the competition.

The key to doing both is recognizing that even with the rise of big data, you need to leverage the right combination of both traditional and modern database tools today. Knowing which serves each situation best, and giving your team the tools it needs for each, is the balancing act DBAs and data managers must pull off today.

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