Having the ability to quickly and effectively react to customer needs and market demands is invaluable to a business. Yet too many decision makers are stymied by a lack of useful insight into their data. However, agility and efficacy in analytics is possible. With the right mindset, tools and technologies, organizations can become much more adroit about how they use the power of analytics to improve decision making.

A recent survey indicated that an impressive 61% of organizations around the globe have data waiting to be processed. Unfortunately, a mere 39% felt they understood how to extrapolate the value from that data.

In order to unlock the value found in data, organizations must have:

  • The right analytics tools - thanks to our every increasingly connected world, data miners in companies have access to greater amounts of data than ever before. That means your organization must be able to aggregate the various sources to produce a full understanding of what customers and market conditions are revealing.
  • Leadership dedicated to following the data - the point of analytics agility is to quickly altar your direction if your business decision is flawed. Disagreeing with the data or hoping for different results isn't making the most of your data.
  • Empowered IT teams - IT teams free to continually and consistently collect and managing data can help guarantee that gathered data is properly aggregated and analyzed to provide for a single, correct version of what it is telling you.

 The analytics tools needed to drive fast and flexible business decisions are available. However, it also takes the right mindset for the power of analytics to improve decision making.

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