by Onur Celebioglu

A story from insideHPC took a look at how the National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA) is helping organizations in the manufacturing and engineering industries to use high performance computing to improve their competitiveness. The posting suggests those companies utilizing supercomputing resources such as the iForge HPC cluster, which is based on Dell and Intel technologies, may realize some important benefits, including:  

  • Large memory nodes performing 53 percent faster on demanding simulations
  • Benchmarking to predict performance and scalability benefits from larger software licenses
  • The ability to solve finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics problem

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly competitive making the role high performance computing plays even more important. The ability to simulate models, for example, allows research and design to be conducted with greater cost efficiency. No longer is it necessary to build, test and repeat.Thus manufacturers are able to deliver a safer product to the market in shorter period of time.

As Dell CTO and Senior Fellow, Jimmy Pike, wrote in a his blog, there is also a growing demand for iterative research - the emerging ability to change variables along the way without having to run a new batch - which will continue to decrease the speed to market of products while decreasing costs. 

And that's what competition is all about.