Welcome to SC14! Join us in Booth #1739 on Tuesday, November 18  for these exciting presentations in our two theaters.

Chicory Theater:

  • 10:30, Niall Gaffney, Director of Data Intensive Computing, Texas Advanced Computing Center – “Wrangler: A New Generation of Data Intensive Computing”
  • 11:15, HonggaoLiu, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the Center for Computation & Technology, Louisiana State University – “Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering with Dell Supercomputers in Louisiana”
  • 1:45, Chris Lynberg, R&D Computer Scientist, Centers for Disease Control – “Advancing CDC Technologies”
  • 2:30, Charlie McMahon, Ph.D., Vice President of Information Technology and CTO, Tulane University – “HPC Cluster Cypress”
  • 3:15, Kevin Hildebrand, HPC Architect for the Division of Information Technology, University of Maryland
  • 4:00, Michael Norman, Ph.D., Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center - “Comet: HPC for the 99 Percent”

Beignet Theater:

  • 10:15, Henry Neeman, Ph.D., Asst. VP, Information Technology, Oklahoma University – “The OneOklahoma Friction Free Network"
  • 11:00, John D’Ambrosia, Dell – “Ethernet – the Open Standards Approach to Supercomputing”
  • 11:30, Roger Bielfed, Ph.D., Senior Director Information Technology Services, Case Western Reserve University – “Research Computing and Big Data at Case Western Reserve University"
  • 12:00, Jimmy Pike, Senior Fellow and Chief Architect and Technologist, Dell – “The New Dell and Scalable Solutions: HPC , Big Data, and Cloud Computing”
  • 1:30, Larry Smarr, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego – “Using Dell’s HPC Cloud & Advanced Analytic Software to Discover Radical Changes in the Microbiome in Health and Disease”
  • 2:15, Walt Ligon, Ph.D., Clemson University
  • 3:00, James Lowey, Vice President of Technology, TGEN – “HPC for Genomics, the Next Generation
  • 3:45, Eldon Walker, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic