Recently, several of us were fortunate enough to attend the NVIDIA GTC conference in San Jose, California. As you'd expect, the conference included a variety of break-out sessions, hands-on labs, and plenty of exhibitors.

There were some amazing keynote presentations, including an opening keynote by NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, in which he announced some exciting news: Pascal, a future processor architecture that will employ stacked, 3D chip packaging - a first for GPU! It will also use NVLink, a new PCI Express-based interconnect technology.

Our own Onur Celebioglu, Director, HPC Solutions Engineering, gave a fascinating presentation on system design considerations for GPU-enabled HPC solutions. Onur outlined how GPU-accelerated systems have become an integral component of the HPC ecosystem. You can see Onur's presentation here.

MapD, a data-visualization startup with a high-speed GPU in-memory database, also received some good news at the conference. They were the winners of the $100,000 prize in the conference's Early Stage Challenge!

The challenge included some stiff competitors from around the world, whose companies are working on a plethora of topics from financial services to cancer diagnosis to video games. But after the audience and judging panel votes were counted, it was MapD that came out the winner. Their database marries big data with interactivity by providing real-time tracking and visual analysis.

Congratulations to everyone from MapD! You can learn more about the company and see a video of  the MapD demonstration at NVIDIA GTC at insideBigData.