Imagine a researcher writing out complex equations and theories in a lab book, as he or she works on the world’s most challenging scientific problems. It’s a great image – and while I’m sure this still occurs – the nature of scientific discovery has evolved into a more collaborative effort, where data can be shared and worked on by scientists regardless of their location. Scientific research has become a collaborative discipline.

Albert Einstein once said, Imagination is more important than knowledge. The concept that imagination is so vital to discovery, especially coming from the brilliant scientist Einstein, has always fascinated me.

The University of Florida recently unveiled its powerful new supercomputer called HiPerGator that represents the key tool towards scientific collaboration, while enabling researchers to explore their imaginations like never before. HiPerGator truly represents the future of scientific research.
In the official news announcement of HiPerGator, University of Florida President Bernie Machen summed up the role high performance computing (HPC) plays as a tool to enable imagination:

“The [HiPerGator] computer removes the physical limitations on what scientist and engineers can discover. It frees them to follow their imaginations wherever they lead.”

How exciting! Congratulations to the University of Florida, in advancing this bold project where the planning began back in 2004. HiPerGator delivers 150 teraFLOPS of performance and will be working on projects like *** design, fighting cancer and HIV, as well as climate change, and beyond. HiPerGator now sits proudly as the fastest computing system in the State of Florida.

Tim Carroll of Dell with UF VP/CIO Elias Eldayrie - Credit University of Florida

Another exciting aspect of this project is that HiPerGator represents only the start of a much bolder vision involving high performance computing for the University of Florida. The facility that houses HiPerGator has a lot of room for more racks of computing systems, and the capacity to provide the energy and cooling for future supercomputing systems for the next ten years.

It’s that type of vision that has led to the fastest computer in the State of Florida, and sets the stage for the University of Florida to maintain its leadership as one of the top research institutions in the world for years to come.

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