It's seems we've been sending out quite a lot of accolades and doing a lot of high 5's to the folks at the University of Texas, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) lately - and with good reason! The latest achievement for TACC is when it's showcase supercomputer Stampede became operational Jan. 7, 2013. By any account, within high performance computing (HPC) or scientific research, Stampede is a trailblazing system, with many innovative features. In particular, Stampede was designed to support open science, and by definition, across all domains of science and engineering. So, while this machine has nearly a 10 petaFLOPS peak performance, it may be even more impressive that Stampede serves as a general purpose HPC resource designed to support a wide range of applications.

At the SC12 event in Salt Lake City, TACC Director Jay Boisseau delivers an excellent presentation discussing Stampede, many of its technical capabilities, as well as the vision for the system. You can view the presentation in its entirety here: