The Dell Enterprise Technology Center community continues to grow daily, and its members enrich the TechCenter with great content. Check this page each week for upcoming activities and highlights of the past week; it offers a good resource for updating your calendar to join a discussion; participate in the next TechTuesday chat; or note an upcoming conference, webcast, or other event. To see past weekly highlights, follow the links below.

Coming Up the Week of March 1, 2010

The week’s TechTuesday chat was a well-attended session with guest moderator Todd Muirhead, VMware Performance Engineer. Todd continued the previous week’s discussion of SAP on VMware vSphere 4.0 by focusing on Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware vSphere 4. Find out more by reviewing the complete transcript.

Links to landing pages for upcoming chats and transcripts of previous chats are available on the
Chat Topics and Transcripts page. As always, post a comment or ask a question on any chat page. Upcoming chats are each Tuesday at 3 pm U.S. Central time, unless otherwise noted:

    • March 9 – This discussion will provide an introduction and overview of a feature on Dell M6220, M6348, and M8024 switches called Simple Switch Mode. This feature will provide server administrators the ability to simply map internal ports to external ports without having to know anything about STP, VLANs, Link Aggregation or other L2/3 Protocols, with a feature called Port Aggregator. Our featured guest will be Dell PG Product Expert, Srinivas Thodati.
    • March 16 – We’ll discuss Intel new “Westmere-EP” processors for servers.

Recent TechCenter Activities

    • EqualLogic User Group. Alongside the EqualLogic User Conference, a user group was created for Dell TechCenter members interested in joining the discussion forums and receiving notifications of EqualLogic User Group specific content.
    • Blog. A five-part blog series on the EqualLogic conference was published by Jeffrey Sullivan, which includes videos of Giancarlo Bevenuto from the Church IT Roundtable, Jonathan Franconi of Guard Insurance Group, Rob White of Dell’s field marketing group, as well as Aaron Hanson and Charles Butler of Symantec.
    • White Paper. A new white paper from Dell Storage Interoperability Engineering was published

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