New Updated DVD Store Database Test Program Overview with Dave Jaffe, Ph.D.

12/8/11: DVDStore MySQL version now available at
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The DVD Store Version 2 (DS2) is a complete, online e-commerce test application, with a back-end database component, a Web application layer, and driver programs. The goal in designing the database component as well as the mid-tier application was to utilize many advanced database features (transactions, stored procedures, triggers, referential integrity) while keeping the database easy to install and understand. The DS2 workload may be used to test databases or as a stress tool for any purpose.

The distribution includes code for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. Included in the release are data generation programs; shell scripts to build data for 10 MB, 1 GB, and 100 GB versions of the DVD Store; database build scripts and stored procedures; PHP Web pages; and a C# driver program.

DVD Store Version 2.1 was released December 2010 and includes enhancements allowing for the creation of any size database, running a single driver program against multiple targets with consolidated and broken-out stats, better error handling, auto creation of driver program config file, and updated data with current dates.

DVD Store 2.1 is also included as one of the workloads in VMmark 2.0 - a multi-host virtualization benchmark from VMware.

The code is freely available to all under the GPL from Documentation is included in the kit.

Please use the "Threads" link below to ask questions, post solutions, or describe how you are using the DVD Store in your organization.

Authors: Dave Jaffe and Todd Muirhead

New version available (December 2011).  Added support for PostgreSQL DB. Click for download. Details in ds21_documentation.txt in main tarball.

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