The Dell TechCenter team is proud to provide the demonstrations listed here. Use these demonstrations to introduce new concepts to your teams or show the decision makers in your organization why these technologies are necessary.

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Systems Management

Systems Management Strategy

Laurie Tolson speaking on Dell's Systems Management Strategy

Systems Build and Update Utility

OS Installation
Script Generation

System Center Configuration Manager

Dell Updates Catalog
Integration of Dell Server Deployment and MSCCM
Dell Hardware Update Catalogs

Dell Management Console

Manage Hardware
Manage Software
Manage Backup
Manage Security
Symantec Management Platform

Dell LifeCycle Controller

Using the LifeCycle Controller
11G LifeCycle Controller Overview
Platform Updates
Bare metal OS install with Microsoft SCCM
Integration package for Microsoft SCCM install and configuration
WS-Man interface on the Dell PowerEdge Servers
Dell Lifecycle Controller Log and Hardware Inventory
Dell Lifecycle Controller Motherboard Replacement Feature
Dell Lifecycle Controller Part Replacement Feature
Dell Lifecycle Controller RAID Configuration via WSMAN
Dell Lifecycle Controller Setting Boot Order via WSMAN and winrm
Dell Lifecycle Controller BIOS Update via WSMAN
Dell Lifecycle Controller BIOS Configuration via WSMAN


Open Manage Server Administrator
OM integration with SCVMM using PRO (Physical Resource Optimization
Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007
Integration with Microsoft System Center Essentials and Virtual Machine Manager
Integration with VMware
Managing Firmware and Driver Updates
Content Manager and Server Update Utility

Repository Manager

Using Repository Manager
Using Dell Repository Manager to apply updates on ESX 4
Automated Hardware Updates using Repository Manager and the Remote File Share Feature of the M1000e Blade Chassis
USB Updates Using Repository Manager with Lifecycle Controller

Data Center Power and Cooling

Datacenter Power and Cooling



MD1200 and MD1220 Unboxing
MD1200 and MD1220 RAID Configuration – Demonstration of RAID Setup via OMSA
PV MD3000i Initial Configuration Demo PT.1
PV MD3000i Intial Configuration Demo PT. 2
NX3000 Setup and Interface overview
MD300i Configuration Utility
Protecting Hyper-V environment with PV DL2000
Protecting Exchange with PV DL2000
Connecting PV MD3000i to a VMware ESXi host
MD3000i and ESXi Shared Disk for VMotion
MD3000i Snapshots
Using Excel to Graph MD3000i Performance Data
PV DL2000 Introduction
PV DL2000 Initial Setup
Off-Host Backup with BackupExec
EqualLogic Snap Backup Off-host with DL2100/CommVault


Dell EMC Thin/Virtual Provisioning
Setting up iSCSI on EMC CX4
Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager

Lasso Data Collection Tool

Dell Storage data collection using Lasso


EqualLogic vStorage Integration Demo
EqualLogic Fw Update via GUI
PS Series Replication
ESG EqualLogic Rack
PS6000 Addition to an Existing PS Series SAN using Host Integration Toolkit (HIT)
EqualLogic Instal – Zero to SAN in 6 minutes or less
File System Snapshot Recovery
Recovering a File using Snapshots

Dell DX Object Storage Platform

Dell DX Object Storage Platform Overview
Retiring a drive on the Dell DX Object Storage Platform

Backup Exec Software

Backup Exec 2010 new
Overview of Backup Exec
Protect Microsoft Exchange
Protect Microsoft SharePoint
Protect Microsoft SQL
Protect Virtual Environments
Continuous Protection
Off-host Backup

Double-Take Software

Protecting Virtual Systems
Double-Take Move
Failover Clustering and GeoCluster
Double-Take Backup
Double-Take Availability


Hyper V

Hyper-V Live Migration Pt. 1
Hyper-V Live Migration Pt. 2
Installing Hyper-V
Cloning a Hyper-V Virtual Machine
Using SCVMM 2008 to Initiate VMware vMotion
Dell PRO Pack on SCVMM 2008


Vmotion using Microsoft SCVMM 2008
Single Root I/O Virtualization
Storage VMotion Demo
VMware Converter 3
VMware Planned Maintenance
VMware Planned Outage
VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler - DRS


Veeam Backup and Replication
Veeam Business View
Veeam Monitor 4.0


Oracle VM Server Template and VM Creation
Oracle VM Manager


Single Root I/O Virtualization


Xsigo VMworld Interview
Xsigo Technical Overview
Xsigo I/O Director Initial Setup
Xsigo I/O Director Components and Connections
Xsigo I/O Director System Upgrade Process
Xsigo I/O Director Command Line Interface
Xsigo Management System (XMS)
Configuration Database Export/Import
Creating HA vNIC
Creating a vNIC using XMS
Creating Server Profile using XMS


M1000e FlexAddress SD card Feature
M1000e Chassis Management Controller (CMC)
M905 Unboxing