The BI VRTX solution enables organizations to focus more on getting value from their data while minimizing complexity of the installation of the infrastructure required for analysis. It offers a vertical solution opportunity to meet the IT infrastructure performance needs of a small to midsize business in a single unit.

The key features of the BI VRTX solution are:

Ease of Deployment: The BI VRTX solution ships with the optional Dell™OpenManage™Cluster Configurator (OMCC). OMCC simplifies the Hyper-V cluster configuration steps for networking, shared storage and the server nodes. It enables you to create a 2 or 4 node Microsoft® Hyper-V cluster in less than an hour.

Scalability: Availability of multi-blade platform with either Dell PowerEdge M520 or Dell PowerEdge M620 blade servers. The solution offers an "in-box" raw storage capacity of up to 48TB.

DW/BI Integration: With the optional preinstalled operating system, Dell also provides a preinstalled Virtual Machine (VM) to help you start deploying DW/BI applications quickly. The VM can be used to deploy data warehouse RDBMS or Toad BI Suite analytical software. For the data warehouse, the database engine is open for your preference. Engineering has tested various vendors such as, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle


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