Dell PowerEdge VRTX explained

Have you ever wished there were a simple all-in-one solution that would allow you to have the flexibility of a data center in your office or even beside your desk?  So have thousands of other Dell customers.  Our engineering team took those requests, went to work, and now we are proud to announce that the PowerEdge VRTX is now available to order!

This simple and sleek solution provides you with 4 server nodes, up to 48TB of integrated storage, and network switching.  Even better, this solution takes up only 5U of rack space!  

Dell VRTX allows you to grow at your own pace.  If you want, you can start with just 2 servers and add the 3rd and 4th as your needs grow. 

The VRTX solution consolidates server, storage, and networking management in one management console for easier management. The best part is you do not have to take time to learn a whole new suite of tools in order to manage all of your resources.

The ability to add expansion cards and then assign them to a specific server from a GUI interface is also a new feature. For customers with multiple remote systems, the Dell OpenManage Essentials one-to-many console will provide a geographical map of all PowerEdge VRTX systems you have in your branch offices. You can manage any of those systems by launching the VRTX Chassis Management Controller (CMC) interface directly from the OME map. All these management features in one simple to use interface means you spend less time switching tools and more time growing your business.