This guide is written by Dell Global Support and Deployment. 

1.         Selected OS was Ubuntu 12.04.1 Server (amd64 version)


2.         RAID 1 was configured on the Intel C600

Go to BIOS and configure SATA to RAID mode. Then, go to the C600 Option ROM (CTRL+I) during POST to create the RAID 1 volume.


3.         Upon installation, the installer picked up the RAID array and will ask if you want to activate the SATA RAID devices.  Choose “Yes”


4.         The SATA RAID array will show up as “/dev/mapper/isw_<raidcontrollerID>_<volume_name>”.  The <raidcontrollerID> will vary from system to system of course, and <volume_name> will be the volume name defined in step 2.  Write down the volume information and save it for later.


5.         Let the system auto-partition the RAID device.  (I didn’t use LVM on this test)


6.         Format



7.         Continue the install


8.         When you get to the end of the installation, it will ask where to install grub to. The installer will just show “/dev/mapper”.  Do not install to just /dev/mapper or else it will fail. 

Instead, tell the installer to point to “/dev/mapper/isw_<raidcontrollerID>_<volume_name>”.  From here, grub should install to the correct location and the system should boot.


9.         Installation successfully ended :