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The Dell TechCenter IT Bulletin is a monthly newsletter from the community that highlights some of the most popular or featured content for that month.  This page archives previous editions of the newsletter for historical purposes.

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Example Newsletter:
  • <p>hi, my name is lalit, i have dell n 5110, purchased from U.S last season, but now its not working as when i press on off button for 10 sec, no activity shown, but the light blinks hardly for 1 to 2 sec. then blank, no activity shown by it, however i i check it by another charger and another battery, but still the same issue persist,</p>

    <p>kindly  help, </p>

    <p>lalit </p>

    <p><ADMIN NOTE: Mobile no. removed per privacy policy></p>

  • Hi my name is Juanda, I have a older dell pc, I was playing music 1 day then nothing no sound, please give me some pointers, not being able to go to sound screen under my control panel.  

  • I purchased a Dell Venue 8 Tablet, Service Tag#HC3H7Z1, the Dell website said that I could upgrade to Windows 10, I followed instructions, upgraded BIOS Etc. and upgrade destroyed my recovery partition. I the tried to recover original operation system and went on line, but it says that the I have to pay for the ISO file for the the Image which originally came with the computer. This is totally unfair, Yes it is only $30 or so dollars but it is a matter of customer service, Backing your product. and that is not what I am seeing. I am not asking for anything that was not originally on the tablet when I bought it. I have been using computers since the 80's and this level of product support is totally unfair.  Please help.