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The official landing page for the "Inside the Lab" series with Dennis Smith and Lance Boley from the Dell TechCenter lab. Together they will bring you Solution Demos, news about new products, coverage from events, and how to make the complex simple.

The Latest from Inside the Lab -

Date Description Type
Jul 9, 2013 Dell PowerEdge VRTX Hyper-V Live Migration Demo
Sep 13, 2013 Inside the Lab - Dell PowerEdge VRTX un-boxing Info
Sep 26, 2013 Inside the Lab - VRTX: Lifting out of the box Demo
Oct 11, 2013 In the Lab: Dennis and Lance Setup their VRTX for the first time.  Demo
Nov. 8, 2013 Inside the Lab - VRTX Thermal and Acoustics From The Guys That Built It  Info