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Dell Enterprise Quality and Customer Loyalty

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The CULTURE of Quality throughout Dell promotes the customers' experience as the center of all we do. It's built on core quality management and systematic customer engagement which results in best-in-class Customer Loyalty.

Our mission: Improve the health of our customer relationships and drive actionable insights around product quality and reliability back into our product development cycle.

Enterprise PG Quality

We Want to Hear from YOU , Our Customer!

Enterprise Customer Loyalty is looking for:

  • Technical speakers to share their experience with our Enterprise products in our Executive Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) All Hands at Round Rock, Texas
  • Customers to participate in focus group sessions, private online forums, onsite inspections, and enterprise briefings.

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact:

  • I have never had an experience like I have had with dell customer support. It was the most appalling, inconsiderate, non-caring, and frustrating experience of my life. It has been the worst experience that I have had trying to get a product fixed that was under warranty. I have been trying now for approximately 5 months with at least 40 hours on the phone and on hold with the "customer service" (if you can even call it that; more like customer disservice) in Indie and have been transferred no less than five times each time I called and hung up on at least 10 times by rude, unprofessional, untrained, uneducated, unclear speaking people of Indian decent.

    I bought my XPS on Groupon and it was a refurbished model with a year warranty from dell (the only reason I would buy a refurbished product) and have been trying to get a replacement, or at least fix, for a loose keyboard dock connection that disables the keyboard about half of the time. When I first called about 4 or 5 months ago the Indian representative told me that I would have to find out who was the previous owner of the computer in order to get warranty service. I was in shock. How the hell am I supposed to find out who owned this prior to me. Unbelievable! Since when do dell customers have to track down the people who use to own the computer I purchased? Even if I could, I am sure when I call Groupon that would laugh at me. Anyway I continued to call about every other week and got the same run around with frequent hang ups and dropped calls after being on hold for 30 minutes. Finally one day I blew my top and someone told me to register the product in my name and then we could go from there. Why did not any of those idiots over there tell me this in the first place?

    Although I did this I continue to have problems. They are still telling me that until I find out who owned the computer before me I am not authorized to get warranty service. I spent three hours tonight on the phone to India trying to resolve this problem. I was hung up on twice, transferred 11 times, and again told I could not get my product fixed. Not to mention my son is extremely ill but I decided to try and get the XPS fixed because the warranty is will be over this month. It is almost like they are doing this on purpose so they do not have to hold up their end of the bargain up until my warranty expires and after that I am SOL. I could have spent those three hours with my sick son instead I had to deal with rude and ignorant Dell representatives.

    I have read many horror stories similar to mine about the horrid customer service at Dell and I can tell you I will never buy another product from Dell as long as I live. Neither will any of my family members, and I will do my best to ensure my community and friends do not either though my word of mouth. I am a Professor at a university in Oregon and I have, and will continue to, relay to my students and fellow faculty the horrible service and treatment I have experienced at the hands of Dell and the fact that they do not honor their warranties. I used to hear good things about Dell, but times have changed with this company and obviously they are only concerned with the bottom line; money. How sad. I will also post my extremely bad experience with Dell where ever I can online. I hope someone from Dell sees this or begins to realize they are alienating all of their once faithful clientele all to save a few bucks. I am sure this will come around to bite them in the back side some day.

    Michael Mengore

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