The latest Tech Tuesday Chat covered the Dell Client and Systems Management Futures. Dell Systems Management representatives, Client Systems Management product development community and Dell KACE representatives discussed what's coming in the Enterprise Client and Systems Management spaces from Dell this year. See the full transcript to catch the recent questions, comments, ideas and expertise discussed this past week.

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2-1-11: Dell at VMware Partner Exchange 2011
2-8-11: HIT Kit New Features for VMware
3-8-11: EQL HIT for Linux

Recent TechCenter Activity:

Community News – Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter is now available.

Featured Video of the Week – This week's featured video is a demo of the new EqualLogic HIT/ME 3.5 with PowerShell.

Blog – Windows 7 Deployment for the Mobile Workforce Most enterprises have a robust deployment solution that works well when the PC is hard wired to their network, but what are they supposed to do with workers that would rather do everything from their remote location…even something as significant as a Windows 7 migration? J:\Dell\Dell TechCenter\Content Management Project\Weekly Inserts\2011\Weekly_Insert_012811.doc

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