The latest Tech Tuesday Chat covered VMware and Dell EqualLogic Futures. Will Urban and David Glynn discussed the futures roadmap of Dell EqualLogic and VMware on Dell TechCenter and at Dell. See the full transcript to catch the recent questions, comments, ideas and expertise discussed this past week.

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01-18-11: HIT Kit New Features for Microsoft
01-25-11: Dell Client and Systems Management Futures
02-01-11: Dell at VMware Partner Exchange 2011
02-08-11: HIT Kit New Features for VMware
03-08-11: EQL HIT for Linux

Recent TechCenter Activity

Poll of the Week – Where are you or your company with VDI?

Featured Video of the Week – Great discussion with general manager of Dell Storage

Blog – Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 6.4 for Ubuntu The Linux OS Engineering team is pleased to announce the second release of OpenManage for Ubuntu. OpenManage 6.4 64-bit version is now available for download. However, a 32-bit version will also be released in the near future. These new debs are compiled for 10.04 and should also work on Debian Squeeze if you use the smbios-utils package from Ubuntu 10.04.

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