The latest Tech Tuesday Chat was an Open Mic Chat with Dell TechCenter. The Dell TechCenter Team held an open-topic discussion for any questions, comments, ideas and expertise on any enterprise technology or data center subjects. See the full transcript to catch the recent questions, comments, ideas and expertise discussed this past week.

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Recent TechCenter Activity

Poll of the Week – What are your challenges around implementing 10GbE network in your data center?

Featured Video of the Week – Featured Video of the Week: Dell PowerEdge m1000e Chassis Management Controller 3.0 Demo. This video by Peter Tsai provides a walkthrough of the menus, tabs and features of the new CMC 3.0 present on the m1000e Chassis for Dell modular blade servers.

Blog – Effective Network Load Distribution Across CPU Cores Using Multiqueue on RHEL6. With the advent of 10Gbps network adapters, the CPU core is increasingly becoming a bottle-neck in processing network traffic. But using multiple cores to drive I/O through a single, shared queue requires software locking mechanisms that might result in reduced efficiency. Multiqueue provides a way to overcome this inefficiency by distributing the network packets processing in multiple queues of the network adapter across multiple cores.

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