Prominent virtualization expert Ron Oglesby was the guest moderator at last week’s TechTuesday chat. During a well-attended session Ron answered participants’ questions on a wide range of topics, including Microsoft® virtual licensing policies, grading an organization’s adoption of virtualization, and the “next big thing.” Read the full transcript to see if your virtualization question was addressed.

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    • October 13 – Many organizations have long turned to the UNIX® platform to support their large-scale applications, but recent innovations in the x86 platform now challenge this dominance. As organizations consider a planned migration from UNIX to the x86 platform, this chat discusses the complexities and issues involved.
    • October 20 – Last July, TechCenter community members got a sneak preview of the Microsoft Windows Server® R2 Hyper-V™ OS. This TechTuesday chat gives an update on this OS version—including features such as live migration, Cluster Shared Volumes, and quick storage migration.

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    Favorite of the Week

    • What does Ron Oglesby think about the rate of virtualization adoption? “I think essentially all new servers (maybe minus 5 percent) should be virtualized.” Also, for organizations concerned about virtualization’s success rate, he says, “In 5+ years of doing this virtualization stuff I have never had an application that ‘didn’t work.’” The full transcript offers more examples of Ron’s unique virtualization insights.

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