Attending this year’s VMworld conference (August 31–September 3 in San Francisco)? If not, check out the TechCenter site for all the opportunities available to community members to participate “virtually” through the TechCenter site.

Last week’s TechTuesday chat featured a discussion about Dell Repository Manager, an application that replaces Content Manager. Participants learned about creating customized bundles and repositories that can be kept in sync with the support site. Take a look at the full transcript to read the hard questions and expert answers on making the most of the Dell Repository Manager for Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers in data centers.

Links to landing pages for upcoming chats and transcripts of previous chats are available on the Chat Topics and Transcripts page. As always, post a comment or ask a question on any chat page. Upcoming chats are each Tuesday at 3 pm U.S. Central time, unless otherwise noted:

  • August 25 – The VMworld 2009 conference takes place in San Francisco, beginning August 31. TechCenter community members can participate in a pre-conference discussion of leading-edge virtualization technologies in anticipation of the event. Because Dell TechCenter experts will be at the conference, this chat also provides an opportunity to discuss plans for bringing conference highlights to members who cannot be in San Francisco next week.
  • September 1 – No TechTuesday chat is scheduled.
  • September 8 – After the VMworld 2009 conference, TechCenter community members can participate in a post-conference discussion of event highlights and information learned by the experts in attendance.

Recent TechCenter Activity

  • Stay Tuned for Performance Testing. On behalf of organizations you might be servicing or for interested community members who have experienced performance degradation with round robin path-selection policy and Jumbo frames enabled, visit the Performance with Round Robin and Jumbo discussion thread. This thread has been quite active through the month of August, and will be worth checking in on in the coming weeks because it looks like some TechCenter performance testing could be in the works to provide deeper insight into a solution.

Favorite of the Week

  • How versatile is Dell Repository Manager? According to one chat participant, “What it allows you to do is create customized bundles and repositories that can be kept in sync with the support site. For example, say I have just PowerEdge R610 and PowerEdge R710 servers in my data center—I can create a repository that downloads updates for just those platforms and just pick the Windows or Linux updates as well. The application runs on Windows, but it can create bundles and scripts to be deployed on Linux. It also allows you to create an ISO image to apply the updates on a bare-metal machine with no OS.” For more details and links to documents, scripts, and demos, see the full transcript.

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