The discussion of managing Hyper-V continues this week with an Ask the Expert session on how it ties into OpenManage. Even if you’re not able to attend the live chat itself, you can still submit your questions ahead of time to the featured speaker by starting a thread on the bottom of these chat pages. Then come back after the chat and view the transcript at your convenience to see what the attendees had to say. And if you have experiences of your own to share or questions on the subject outside the specific chat topics, don’t hesitate to post them to the Hyper-V Management home page where you will also find demos, screen shots, and further reference information.

  • Hyper-V Management: TechCenter topic home page to bookmark
  • TechTuesday Chat: August 5, 3 PM Central Time U.S – OpenManage and Hyper-V
  • August 11 – VMware ESX 3i
  • August 25 – Hyper-V Feature / Function / Performance
  • September 8 – Blades 101: New Features, Deployment, IO Modules

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  • “We are getting an MD3000i…need to have off-site backups of the SAN, but I'm not sure how to proceed.” See how they worked out the solution.

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