Last week’s chat on When to Use Which Storage for Virtualization marked the third in the series on Storage for Virtualization. The discussion started off with an overview titled “Selecting Storage for Virtualization 101” following the next week with “Benefits and Uses of EqualLogic iSCSI for Virtualization.”

  • This week’s live chat, October 28, 3 PM Central Time U.S. is on Enabling Virtual Desktops and the new possibilities it opens up in terms of deployment and management.
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Recent TechCenter Activities

  • While not as well known to the public at large as the iPhone, Dell has its own “I” family of products with the iDRAC, IPMI, and ITA. With a little configuration of the IPMI protocol and security configuration, as discussed in the thread “How can I get it ...under RAC devices,” system administrators can get a single view in IT Administrator of all their blades with status and power control options.
  • The TechCenter paper on Hyper-V Performance on 6-core R900 generated some discussion in the blogosphere around benchmarks with Gabe’s Virtual World suggesting that in his experience you should be able to host two times as many VMs as the 40 in the TechCenter test.
  • Looking to get “five times the throughput” by bundling together some of those Oodles and oodles of NICS in current servers? The TechCenter community had a quick answer to his question of configuring the Broadcom flow control in ESX. “You would not believe how long I searched to try and find that article,” he said.

Favorite of the Week

  • “Yeah, had to learn it myself ('te laat de put gevuld als 't kalf verdronken is,' we say in Dutch,” came up in last week’s chat on Which Storage for Virtualization. International attendees to the TechCenter have always been outstanding with using English as the common language, but we apparently pushed the envelope this time. Asking around we found someone who offered a literal Belgian translation: “if the calf has drowned, it is too late to fill the hole.” Which does make some sense in the context of the chat where the suggestion was to “do some tests before production.”

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