The current focus topic for the TechCenter team is Selecting Storage for Virtualization with articles and live chats over the few weeks. Resources, an overview, and latest chat agenda is online at

Recent TechCenter Activities

  • On last week’s chat, Selecting Storage for Virtualization 101, the storage product managers were able to answer Jake’s question, “Is there a specific way I should set up the LUN or a good rule of thumb for disk space? General Windows 2000 or 2003 servers?”
  • The next step after setting up the free version of Hyper-V that Todd videoed last week is of course adding network storage. In this week’s blog he details the commands needed to make an iSCSI connection.

Favorite of the Week

  • Certainly there are times when everyone wonders if anyone “out there” is listening. The TechCenter was pleasantly surprised last week to find Todd’s post and video of the free Hyper-V install being picked up on an EnterpriseITplanet blog.

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