The discussion on using the PowerVault MD3000i continues at, with threads and chats considering LUN size, failover configurations, subnet design, and performance. Even if you’re not able to join the upcoming live chats, we’d love to hear what you’re doing and questions you might have. Just post a new thread on the page.

Recent TechCenter Activities

  • Does 10 Megabit Ethernet over coaxial cable bring back memories of MTU size and subnet design? For those that missed it, those design choices are back but are “Giga” sized as Jeff points out in his blog post 10GigE in HPCC. With characteristic thoroughness, Dr. Jeff provides the underlying formulas, graphs of results, and the tools to check it out in your own backyard.
  • No small coincidence that those principles apply to iSCSI designs too. Calling them “jumbo frames” as we did in last week’s chat on Using the MD3000i with Hyper-V and ESX makes it seem so much simpler though doesn’t it?
  • Subnet design didn’t avoid the complexity jump in technology, either with the advent of virtual switches in ESX, switch ISL, and the need for redundancy for availability. All of which inspired Todd to write A Tale of Two Subnets for MD3000i. Wonder if he was thinking Carton or Darnay in his future?
  • The last step, which disk drive and connection channel to use, came up this week too in the TechCenter Discussion Forum under SAS and SATA feature comparison and R900 PERC 6i channels.
  • Even the SystemsEdge was literary this week leading us to the gingerbread house of OpenManage through A Trail of Breadcrumbs… Sweet (and low-calorie) resource pointers there to product naming, demos, tips, documentation, and scripts. Wishing y’all live happily ever after!

Favorite of the Week

  • Time or travel budget too tight to take your customer to the Executive Briefing Center in Round Rock? We’ve captured their most popular presentations and demos on the TechCenter for you. It's not live, but questions are still welcome—just post at the bottom of the page, and we’ll discuss it.

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