This Dell Tech Center page was created to provide valuable technical information regarding existing and emerging technologies that are at the core of Dell's Efficient Data Center model.

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[SOLUTION BRIEF] Architecting a Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Solution with VMware vSAN v1.0  NEW!

[SOLUTION BRIEF] Architecting a Cloud Fabric When Deploying VIrtualization Overlays v2.0 NEW!

[SOLUTION BRIEF] Architecting a Cloud Fabric - Deploying Controller-Based Underlay Virtualization NEW!

Software-Defined Networking and Open Networking

Understanding Foundational Concepts and Constructs v1.1 (NEW!)

The Case of Routed VLT, Peer Routing, VLT Proxy Gateway and Their Relationship to VRRP 

Dell Networking Layer 2 Switch Configurations Explained

Dell Force10 PVST+ to Cisco Rapid-PVST+ Interoperability Testing v1.0 

Dell S4810 Stacking Script (MoP)         

Deploying a Stack of M-Series Switches in Simple Switch Mode v1.0

Priority Flow Control White Paper Understanding Enhanced Transmission Selection IEEE 802.1Qaz v1.0  Idea
Juniper's Virtual Chassis Deep Dive

Dell PCT-Cisco STP Interoperability and Recommendations v2.1