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BMC Software - Bladelogic Server Automation

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BMC® BladeLogic® Server Automation Suite drives data center efficiency by helping you manage, control and enforce configuration changes. With BMC BladeLogic, you can maximize server uptime and decrease cost by automating vital data center operations across Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® operating systems running on both physical and virtual servers. BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite provides deployment, provisioning and continual compliance for Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and your business applications. You can implement a policy-based server automation solution for managing your business critical services. Deploy the entire suite at once or choose a module to address your most urgent needs:

  • Provisioning — Perform bare-metal provisioning on new servers and re-provision operating systems on existing assets.
  • Configuration — Provision, patch, configure and manage heterogeneous servers according to policies.
  • Compliance — Measure and demonstrate compliance with internal and external standards and regulations.
  • Virtualization — Manage your physical and virtual environments from a unified management platform.

Dell Integration

BladeLogic is Dell Technology Partner Certified for integration with OpenManage™ functionality that enables automated OS deployment and provisioning on all Dell servers. This includes the ability to configure the BIOS, RAID and Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) hardware in preparation for bare-metal OS deployment and driver provisioning. BladeLogic is also Dell Technology Partner Program Certified for integration with Dell Lifecycle Controller, our unique systems management feature embedded directly into (11th generation and later) PowerEdge servers. From the BladeLogic console, you can configure Dell servers with a supported Windows or Linux OS or schedule preconfigured customized jobs for each phase of server provisioning — or for all processes at once — anywhere, anytime from across the production network without ever physically touching the servers.

  • Deployment Toolkit Server Configuration - Utilizing the Dell Server Deployment toolkit, BMC Bladelogic allows you to automate server configuration for RAID, BIOS, and iDRAC.
  • Lifecycle Controller Auto Discovery and Handshake - Dell servers with Lifecycle Controller support (11th generation and later) announce themselves to the BMC Bladelogic provision service when plugged into the network. The remote connection from BMC Bladelogic to iDRAC is mutually authenticated. At this point, remote management capabilities such as bare metal provisioning can proceed.
  • Bare Metal (Pre-OS) Deployment and Driver Import - BMC Bladelogic can upload BIOS, firware, & drivers locally from Lifecycle Controller via Dell Driver Pack to build an OS image for Windows or Linux. Bladelogic can then execute automated installation of these OSs using the local drivers.
  • Secure, Flexible “Anytime, Anywhere on the Network” OS Deployment - Allows for the removal of PXE for use in OS Deployment. BMC Bladelogic with Lifecycle controller provides a secure and assured compliant install. BMC Bladelogic using Lifecycle Controller remote management WSMan capabilities allows BMC Bladelogic to stage the user-specified pre-OS environment to the embedded flash storage in the Lifecycle Controller and boot from it.
  • Update Dell Servers - BMC Bladelogic automation capabilities enables automated patching of Dell servers.
  • Remote Inventory of Firmware - BMC Bladelogic utilizes Lifecycle Controller to take remote inventory of BIOS, firmware, driver pack, etc. on 11th generation and later PowerEdge servers.

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