The wiki is a collaborative environment where you and Dell staff share knowledge, experiences, and information about Dell technology and your installations. In addition to the features described on this page there is also a short video tutorial on using the site.

Making Contributions

Anyone may visit and read the TechCenter's information, however you must be a registered user, writer, or moderator to contribute to the community. Become a member and register today.

Members may also invite others to join. Activities you can do are located in the Page Toolbox in the right navigation.


There are several ways to find information at the TechCenter Wiki:

Search box: Type a keyword term into the search box located in the upper left-hand corner of the site pages. Scan the results for the most relevant matches.

Site navigation menu: Browse and drill down to topic areas of interest by scanning and selecting choices from within the site navigation menu, which is located in the left-hand column of the pages.

Popular keyword tags: Click on a relevant keyword in the Popular Keyword Tags module below the site navigation menu to load a list of all pages on the site that contain associated content. You can also type into the box to filter existing tags on this site.

Searching at dell.comSearching Searching the TechCenter wiki is separate from searching information stored at, but you can reach search from here. Just look at the top navigation masthead for
You can also go directly to search.

The Dell TechCenter Technical Document Library contains many documents sorted by solution, application, and application type.

Using RSS

Watch updates through RSS. There are four RSS subscriptions available on the left navigation to keep you up-to-date through your RSS reader of choice.

RSS feed options Left-click on the RSS symbol and choose 'Copy Shortcut'. Paste the resulting URL into your RSS reader to subscribe.

More Help

If you need more information on how to edit pages, comment or to use other wiki features, check out the Help page.