The results of several industry standard benchmarks are compared between R710 and R730, highlighting the impressive performance improvements across the 11th and 13th generation PowerEdge servers. The systems were configured in a typical customer configuration where the performance of two additional database workloads are compared.

Synthetic benchmarks

  • The R730 scores 4.2 times higher than R710 in the SPECint_rate measure of generate compute performance.
  • The R730 completes effectively 9 times more Gigaflops than R710 on the Linpack benchmark.
  • The R730 can support 3.1 times as many virtual machines as the R710 as measured by the VMmark 2.x benchmark.

Database performance

  • The PowerEdge R730 can complete 11 times as many transactions per second as the R710 on the OLTP workload.

  • The PowerEdge R730 can complete a series of Decision Support queries in half the time that is taken by a R710 server.