Written by: Murray White - Regional Lead of Sales Engineering at Vision Solutions

The following video demonstrates how to protect SQL Server 2012 running on Windows Server 2012 to a standby Server, using the “Application Level” SQL protection option of Double-Take Availability 7.0.

Data and Applications running on protected servers (such as SQL Server, MS-Exchange, Oracle) are replicated and protected as part of the full server protection job and are fully available for use on the target server following fail-over... just as they were on the source server prior to fail-over.

The Source and Target servers can be physical or virtual... and the protection can be from one to another.
Example: P2V, V2V (including cross-hypervisor), V2P, P2P

The demonstration specifically details:

1) Configuring Double-Take Availability with an Application Level Protection job
2) Synchronize data from source server to target server
3) Monitor the Double-Take job
4) Fail-over from source server to target server
5) Invoke Reverse Protection while failed over
6) Fail-back to original source server