written by: Murray White - Solution Architect with Vision Solutions

The following video demonstrates a migration of a virtual guest server to a virtual guest server running on a different virtual host, using the Double-Take Move 6.0 product.

Not only does Double-Take Move allow you to migrate virtual guest machines from one hypervisor to another, it also works across CPU types... this example being an Intel (Xeon) based VMware host, to an AMD (Opteron) based MS Hyper-V host.

This specific demonstration was conducted at the AMD facility in Austin, TX.

Key Features of Double-Take Move 6.0
* Migrate full servers (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P)
* Data migration (volume to volume same server or to different server)
* 60 day time limit (from activation) to perform the migration
* Real-time, byte-level replication
* Minimal down-time during cut-over
* LAN and WAN friendly