Written by: Murray White - Solution Architect at Vision Solutions

The following video demonstrates how to protect SQL Server 2008 that is running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster, to a standalone installation of SQL Server 2008 using Double-Take Availability 6.0.

The demonstration specifically details:

1. Viewing the cluster and clustered SQL components/data
2. View the SQL install on the standalone target/standby server
3. Configure the Double-Take job using the Double-Take Console
4. Monitor the Double-Take job (mirroring and replication) also includes movement of cluster resources between cluster nodes to show that cluster as a whole is being protected
5. Fail (shutdown) the cluster and watch failover of SQL Server to standalone target server
6. On failed over target server, add data to SQL Server
7. Re-introduce cluster
8. Restore data (online) from failed over target to the cluster, including demonstrating real-time replication
9. Failback to cluster from the standalone failed over target
10. Validate current data is present on the cluster
11. Restart Double-Take job (to re-protect cluster to standalone target server)
12. Validate the cluster is functional by once again switching cluster resources from one node to the other.