written by: Murray White - Solution Architect with Vision Solutions

The following video demonstrates how to protect Virtual Guest machines running on a Hyper-V virtual host, to another Hyper-V virtual host.
Replication is performed real-time, asynchronous and at byte-level.


* Manage the entire protection workflow (configuration, monitoring, failover, reverse protection) all from one console.

* Configuration performed from the Hyper-V host (hypervisor) level.


* Host Level Protection: Single instance of Double-Take Availability (Virtual Host Edition) installed at the hypervisor level, on source and target Hyper-V hosts, but provides the ability to protect multiple virtual guest machines on the virtual hosts.

* Flexible Topology: Protect a virtual guest machine from one Hyper-V host, to one or multiple Hyper-V hosts (one-to-one, or one-to-many). Or protect Hyper-V guest machines from multiple Hyper-V hosts to one Hyper-V host (many-to-one).