written by: Murray White - Solution Architect with Vision Solutions

The following video demonstrates how to protect Windows Virtual Guest machines running on a VMware ESX host, to another VMware ESX host.
Replication is performed real-time, asynchronously and at byte-level.


* Manage the entire protection workflow (installation, configuration, monitoring, failover, reverse protection) all from one console.

* Manage protection of individual or groups of virtual guest machines.

* Configuration performed from the ESX host level, but the protection of the virtual guests is from the virtual guest machine level.


* Individual VM failure or entire ESX host/site failure: Double-Take Console allows you to failover individual guest machines, or groups of guest machines with just a couple of clicks, from one ESX host to another ESX host, and vice-versa.

* Ease of Administration: All aspects of protection (install, config, monitor, failover, reverse protect) handled from within a single Double-Take Console.
The benefit of managing your protection jobs from the virtual host level, with the granularity of protection occurring at the virtual guest machine level.

* Server/Storage Agnostic: Underlying storage and/or ESX host server models do not have to match between ESX hosts.
Example: Production ESX host could have SAN-attached storage serving it's Datastores, and the Target/DR ESX host could have a different SAN-attached storage model or direct-attached storage for it's Datastores or vice-versa. ESX physical host server models do not have to match either. ie: Production ESX host server could be a 2U rack server and Target/DR ESX host server could be a Blade server.