Use your existing Microsoft® investments and give your workforce the freedom and functionality they need by implementing the Reference Architecture for Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft RDS, powered by Windows Server® 2016 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Hyper-V on Dell PowerEdge 14th generation (14G) servers and Dell EMC Storage platforms:

  • Deploy a powerful and flexible end-to-end application and desktop virtualization solution, including endpoints
  • Apply your existing Microsoft investment and expertise.
  • Provide a powerful user experience.
  • Support flexible bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Manage your environment from a single console
  • Take advantage of Microsoft licensing

Use one platform powered by Windows Server 2016 RDS to deploy different desktop virtualization options, as follows: 



Desktop sessions
Concurrent users all share server
resources with RDP-based 

Pooled VMs
Users are assigned dedicated 
pristine virtual machines at each

Application delivery 
Applications are streamed from 
the server to desktop clients.

Personal VMs
Persistent 1:1 desktops are 
assigned to specific entitled users.