Dell EMC pioneered the "at-the-server" systems management in 2014 with the introduction of an NFC-based bezel that enabled communication between a mobile device and iDRAC. This "Quick Sync" bezel is supported on PowerEdge R730, R730xd, and R630 PowerEdge servers. The bezel lets customers perform bare-metal configuration by assigning an IP address and changing password of iDRAC. They can also view server details, hardware and software inventory, networking details, health status, and logs.

However, the Quick Sync bezel was supported only on Android mobile devices and had to be purchased at the point-of-sale. For 14G PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned Quick Sync, which is now being launched as the Quick Sync 2 module. The Infographics highlights some of the key changes that are now being introduced in Quick Sync 2.

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