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RESTful Server Configuration with iDRAC REST API

Executive summary:
The growing scale of cloud- and web-based data center infrastructure is reshaping the needs of IT administration world-wide. New approaches to systems management are needed to keep up with a growing and changing market. To accommodate the needs for efficient systems management automation, Dell has developed the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller REST API with support for the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Redfish standard. Together, the iDRAC REST API and Redfish enable the automation of scalable and secure management. One of the latest enhancements to the iDRAC REST API is support for RESTful server configuration with Server Configuration Profiles (SCP). Using the iDRAC SCP REST API, administrators can obtain the configuration details of 12th and 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers, preview the application of a configuration file to a server, and apply configuration files to establish BIOS, iDRAC, PERC RAID controller, NIC, and HBA settings. This document provides an overview of the iDRAC REST API, the Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API standard, and details the use of the iDRAC SCP REST API for RESTful configuration management of PowerEdge servers.

* updated Oct 2017 and again Nov 2017