What can IPMI do for me?

IPMI is widely used for emergency maintenance, as well as provisioning and rollout of operating systems and applications. With features such as remote web access, SNMP alerts, LDAP support, remote console access and emulation of optical drives and other media, systems management with IPMI can provide complete control of a server even when the host operating system is down.

How does Dell implement IPMI?

Prior to 8th generation PowerEdge servers, Embedded Server Management and Dell Remote Access Controllers implemented IPMI v1.0.
8th generation PowerEdge servers with BMC and DRAC4 implement IPMI v1.5.
9th-11th generation PowerEdge servers with iDRAC5/6 implement IPMI v2.0, while still supporting v1.5.
iDRAC6 firmware versions 1.98 (PowerEdge) and 3.65 (PowerEdge Blade), released Oct 2014 deprecated support for IPMI v1.5.
12th and 13th generation PowerEdge servers with iDRAC7/iDRAC8