With Lifecycle Controller 2 version 1.2 and later, Dell introduced the concept of server configuration profiles for performing server hardware configuration through a single file. A server configuration profile can be generated in XML format with an “Export Server Configuration” operation. Any configuration changes can be edited into the profile and can be applied to one or more systems via the “Import Server Configuration” operation. The results of the application of the server configuration profile ahead of the actual application without any reboot are achieved using the “Preview Server Configuration” operation. The feature has further been enhanced in Lifecycle Controller 2 version 1.4. A server administrator no longer needs to remember multiple commands so as to configure multiple server settings. Instead, they have a single command to specify what needs to be configured on multiple components using a single file in an XML format. Console application developers no longer need to remember various operations and their proper sequence to achieve a required end state. Now, the end state can be specified in human-readable XML file format. Developers can use this new feature to perform frequent configuration operations in a very efficient manner.