Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a software agent that provides a comprehensive, one-to-one systems management solution. OMSA is designed for system administrators to manage server systems remotely on a network.

A software depot in VMware ESXi context is used to package and distribute VIBs (vSphere Installation Bundles). There are two types of depots – online and offline. An online software depot is accessed remotely using HTTP. An offline software depot is downloaded and accessed locally. Dell hosts an Online depot for the end users to make it easier to deploy OMSA on VMware ESXi. We maintain the latest revision of OMSA images specific for VMware ESXi hypervisor at this depot. The depot contains multiple revisions of OMSA bits compatible for VMware ESXi 4.x and 5.x branches. This can be utilized by VMware Update Manager (VUM) for installing OMSA software on VMware ESXi hosts.

This paper provides instructions to install OMSA on VMware ESXi using VUM and Dell Online depot. The process is same for both VMware ESXi 4.x and 5.x versions.