Updated Jul 2016 - This document describes a Dell-designed and validated reference architecture for virtualization. Dell based the architecture on the state of the art Dell PowerEdge VRTX system, Dell PowerEdge M830 blade servers, Dell Networking N3000 switches and VMware vSphere Hypervisor. This architecture targets remote/branch offices and small businesses.

This reference architecture is designed to provide a virtualization infrastructure based on VMware vSphere. Dell PowerEdge VRTX provides enterprise class computing, integrated shared storage for virtualization clusters, flexible network interfaces and a single management interface. Dell Networking N3000 series switches are used in the architecture documented in this paper. The Dell Networking 3000 series switches are Gb switches with two 10Gb uplinks. In this paper, the 10Gb uplinks connect the Dell PowerEdge VRTX to the LAN and the Gb ports are reserved for access ports for branch office workstations, printers, and so on.