This document provides a reference architecture for virtualization with VMware vSphere, while using Dell PowerEdge VRTX as the main infrastructure building-block. This reference architecture will be well suited to remote and branch offices. Small and medium businesses and others may also benefit from it.

The remote and branch offices of today require infrastructure with enterprise class features to support virtualization and to run high-end applications. At the same time, simplified and efficient infrastructure management capabilities that suit the skill-sets and resources available at these remote and branch locations, and also a small physical foot-print are essential.

This white paper, which is designed and validated by Dell Engineering, not only provides a reference architecture for virtualization that will meet the needs of remote, branch, and small businesses, but also describes validated use-cases for management services integration and data-protection to enable the customer to leverage the full potential of this reference architecture.

The main components of the reference architecture are Dell PowerEdge VRTX, Dell PowerEdge M820 servers, Dell Networking N3048 switches, and VMware® vSphere® Hypervisor. The white paper also provides recommended settings to integrate within the infrastructure certain recommended lifecycle management components for infrastructure management, cloud connectivity, and, data-protection. These components include VMware vCenter Server™, Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter™, Dell OpenManage™ Essentials, VMware vCloud® Connector™, and Quest® vRanger from Dell. The white paper goes on to discuss backup and disaster recovery scenarios – essential for any remote or branch office. In addition, the white paper discusses data-protection use-cases for Quest vRanger.

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This document was updated in April 2014