Discover how the Dell PowerEdge R720xd server can help meet the high-performance messaging requirements of your organization. With a balance of huge internal storage, redundancy and value, PowerEdge R720xd offers midsize and large businesses a solution for a 2,000-mailbox Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment.
The PowerEdge R720xd server used in the configuration has the following major features:

  • Internal capacity for up to 12 drives of 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disks with two 2.5-inch back-accessible drives per data availability group (DAG)
  • Host-based RAID options with PowerEdge RAID Controller H710P

The sample configuration was tested based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Review Program (ESRP). Each PowerEdge R720xd server hosted one active copy of an Exchange 2013 database and transaction logs, and one passive copy of the peer node’s active database. Each server node hosted ten databases and each database hosted 200 users with 5GB mailbox each.

Test data — from storage solution providers and reviewed by the Microsoft Exchange Product team — are focused on producing recommendations from vendors for Exchange application. Test results should not be used for direct comparisons among the solutions. Prospective users of the Dell PowerEdge R720xd 2,000 Mailbox Resiliency Exchange 2013 Storage Solution are recommended to conduct their own pre-deployment verification process to validate the storage design for their specific environment.

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